Uber Drivers Need To Learn To Gauge Stressful Circumstances

You’ve taken that first step to become an Uber driver and are now on your way to making a tidy profit each month from your driving schedule. Both Uber partners and drivers, however, must deal with a host of issues during the normal course of business. These can include collisions, injuries and any number of misfortunes than can happen when you are driving your car. While insurance will handle many of those incidents, certain problems must be handled solo, such as learning how to deal with drunk passengers while driving.

Dealing with Intoxicated Passengers While Working With Uber
If at all possible, try to avoid boarding a drunk passenger in your vehicle, particularly if that individual is out of control. The one exception to this rule is if the passenger is mildly intoxicated and can communicate with you. Avoid those who look like they are about to vomit because someone who becomes ill will end up creating a mess inside your vehicle while you are driving, which can result in lost revenue for the day or evening, not to mention the time and expense in having to clean up the mess.

Avoiding drunk passengers may not be completely avoidable if you are driving for Uber in the evening or overnght as many people drink at night to have a good time at a party or other event. Judge whether your potential passenger has drunk too much to be a risk or has consumed a limited quantity that makes him or her a safer bet.

If the passenger is in control, take the fare and drive the individual to his or her desired location. Drunk passengers usually pay more and can have a great impact on your earnings. The trick is learning how to gauge which ones will be trouble and which will not present any problems. is the best resource on the net for Uber partners and drivers info!

 March 22nd, 2017  
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