My Life Will Be So Different This Time Next Year

I met my fiance online a few years ago. We both happen to be in a chat room discussing science. We are both science majors. We fell for one another, and I flew to meet him. While there, I needed to go to a dentist in Wollongong when one of my teeth fractured. I was a bit nervous about going for dental care in another country, but I had no need to be so worried because it was no different than going to see my own dentist back home! We even talked about the possibility of me moving there full time, but I’m not so sure that I am ready to take that step just yet.

Both of my parents are alive. I am so close to them. I also have a daughter. She is close to my parents as well. Her grandparents love spending time with her, and my mom also loves to babysit for me. On the other hand, my finance’s parents are no longer alive, and he has no children. Because of these two things, we think it would be much easier for him to move here to be with me. However, he, of course, felt he should at least bring up the possibility of me moving to the country he is so used to. I can’t fault him for that at all!

My trip to meet him was lovely. He lives in his parent’s old home. He has no siblings. So, all of my time was spent visiting him and getting to know him in person. I was super nervous that we might not hit it off as well in person as we do online and over the phone, but everything was great. I feel like I have known him all my life. We finally decided that he would come here to live. He will be here next year full time. We just need to get all the paperwork sorted out, and he needs to sell his house there first. Then, he will pack up and come to live in my house with me and my daughter.

 May 10th, 2017  
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